Dreadnoughtrock 14-16 King Street Bathgate. EH48 1AX

Dreadnoughtrock Loyalty Area

From July 2019 ALL SILVER and GOLD VIP Cards will come to an end and no longer be accepted at the Club as per the News Release on 12 June published on the Facebook VIP Group that will subsequently be renamed the Loyalty Group, also on the News Blog Page. It had simply ran it’s course for many reasons.

However, after much deliberation NEW LOYALTY CARDS will be produced for July 2019 onwards for the hard core of those who still valued their Gold and Silver cards.

As there has been a definite split on when people have been coming in the last 12-18 months to either the Live Music or Nightclub we have decided the time for changing things up and rolling out new loyalty cards for those attending EITHER the Live Music Events or to the Rock Club to reward those still attending was now.

A minimum visit threshold carried over from 2018 at 2 check in’s every 3 months, which I dont’ think is a lot to ask will still apply.

So who’ll get what type of card ?

Well first of all - If you have been in a minimum of 8 times in 2018-2019 then I’ll simply look at the times when you have been checking in. If you didn’t visit enough then I’m afraid to say like years gone by your old card will expire on the date shown and not be made into a new Loyalty Card.

For those who have hit the mark so to speak your check in times will hopefully show your preference. For example if you are in 99% of the time at 8.30/9pm for the live events there’s no point you having a Nightclub only card. Like wise if your average entry time is after 11pm where you miss the live action then you won’t be offered the Live Music Card.

There will be a few that will be harder to determine so you’ll simply be asked based on the info below what Loyalty Card will work best for you.  

As per normal if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me direct.

Alan Russell - Headmaster Dreadnoughtrock.


Access to TICKET OFFERS from the Paybooth for some of our TICKET ONLY LIVE EVENTS to the CARDHOLDER ONLY.

Free entry for £3 -£5 live events where listed in the events guide descriptions to the Cardholder.

Please note some exclusions may apply as the band payments structures differ from band to band and gig to gig now. Please contact the admin team if you are unsure.


7pm - 10.30pm

(10-10.30pm nightclub only access also included)

Like any event you are welcome to stay on till 3am upstairs or down.



Please note depending on what Live event is on downstairs will determine what access door will be in operation. Doorstaff will advise you accordingly on your arrival.

Please Note : Nightclub only cards won’t qualify for Live Event Ticket Discounts from July 2019


Access to lower level after Live event has wrapped up if its a Ticket Only Event.

Note to ALL Card Holders - Please remember to check in each and every time you visit no matter what time you arrive IN the period your card is valid to and from. Visits will no longer be recorded if you arrive outwith the times stated on your card.

ENTRY for ALL GIGS  & NIGHTCLUB IS 18+ ID is required where requested. Follow  us on


HOW to get a Dreadnoughtrock Loyalty card ?

If you regularly attend the Dreadnoughtrock Live Music Events or Nightclub then you are half way there already.

Next time you are in ASK for a Probationary Card from the paybooth when you pay us a visit.

Over the next three months after the card is issued all you have to do is get SIX stamps to qualify for a LOYALTY CARD that suits you best. Carefully complete all the details on the front of the card and return it to the paybooth so we can email you details of what will happen next and when the card is ready to pick up. Please note details must be legible and email address live otherwise your card may be delayed and possibly not issued.