Dreadnoughtrock 14-16 King Street Bathgate. EH48 1AX

Office T : 01506 632879 E : alanr@dreadnoughtrock.com

LIVE MUSIC VENUE & ROCK NIGHTCLUB ENTRY for ALL GIGS  & NIGHTCLUB IS 18+ ID is required where requested.

About DreadnoughtRock

Established in 1972 at the Old Dreadnought Hotel the Rock Disco became a Legend in its’ own right for a great night out.

Fast forward nearly FIVE decades and despite a couple of forced re-locations we are still rocking every weekend with a great mix of all things Rock.

We now have a more distinctive and unique Rock Club than ever before with the Spirit of the Dreadnought from the last 48 years still present, very much alive and still rocking on TWO new levels.

Our regular Rock nights are still known all over Scotland and although we have

had to move from our spiritual home in 2006 the Dreadnought continues on

in its very own customised premises on King Street Bathgate EVERY Friday and

Saturday Night.

Live music every weekend on our live level coupled to the Rock Disco makes

it the place to come if you love your Live or Rock music.

Still playing classics from the 70’s right upto date in a safe and relaxed

atmosphere on the two levels. Contrary to most stories you may hear there’s

not a lot of hairy leather clad bikers head banging all night long. Just some

great people who enjoy their music, have a bit fun and a great night out at a

Live session or in the Nightclub.