Dreadnoughtrock 14-16 King Street Bathgate. EH48 1AX

Office T : 01506 632879 E : alanr@dreadnoughtrock.com

LIVE MUSIC VENUE & NIGHTCLUB ENTRY for ALL GIGS  & NIGHTCLUB IS 18+ ID is required where requested.


50 years is a milestone in any personal or business circumstance. It’s more amazing for a nightclub and live venue to have been around for that amount of time through many changes and challenges over the decades including being uprooted from our spiritual home or more recently with covid where our key activities have been closed or heavily restricted.  

Through all the changes and challenges we are still here and STILL very much still rocking.

The place we call home may have changed but it’s always been the decades worth of people who have came to enjoy a night that got us to 50 years and very much look forward to many years to come and all those who want to be part of it.

Whether the club was a second home to you or were simply passing through a couple of times a month or year you have been part of history - our history and for many has also shaped their history.

As you can imagine there has been thousands of faces through the decades, trying to remember everyone would be impossible so THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME TO THE PARTY NIGHTS at the end of April and start of MAY. If you didn’t make it along we are still here the next time you can make it along.

To those who asked and were sent invite tickets then didn’t show up or reach out to say they couldn’t make it you missed some more history in the amazing story of the nightclub that has been in Bathgate for 50 years.

From all the Rock Crew to all who came and continue to rock along with us it’s an absolute privilege to be part of the local community, culture and lives of so many over the decades.

We hope to see you in the weeks, months, years and you never know decades to come.