Dreadnoughtrock 14-16 King Street Bathgate. EH48 1AX

Office T : 01506 632879 E : alanr@dreadnoughtrock.com

LIVE MUSIC VENUE & ROCK NIGHTCLUB ENTRY for ALL GIGS  & NIGHTCLUB IS 18+ ID is required where requested.


50 years is a milestone in any personal or business circumstance. It’s more amazing for a nightclub and live venue to have been around for that amount of time through many changes and challenges over the decades including being uprooted from our spiritual home or more recently with covid where our key activities have been closed or heavily restricted.  

Through all the changes and challenges we are still here and STILL very much still rocking.

The place we call home may have changed but it’s always been the decades worth of people who have came to enjoy a night that got us to 50 years and very much look forward to many years to come and all those who want to be part of it.

Whether the club was a second home to you or were simply passing through a couple of times a month we would love to hear from you and invite you to be part of the 50th Anniversary Party nights to come together for a catch up, catch some live music and of course have a damn good rocking from some of our current jocks and possibly with some encouragement some old to spin a few tracks again.

As you can imagine there has been thousands of faces through the decades, trying to remember everyone would be impossible so would like you to invite yourself along. Simple !

Unlike our 40th where we only had one night to try and celebrate for our 50th we have planned FOUR different nights for you capturing some of the key decades and genres we have seen and still play tribute to every weekend.

From 2 May the invite process has ended reverting to a standard ticket method to keep up with demands. Over 700 invites have been sent out manually so far but for the last wee bit we are letting skiddle take care of things. Waiting list and Re:Sell now active for Saturday night

Please don’t just grab as many as you can which may cause other people to miss out or not turn up because you forgot. Just ask/take what you will USE !

PLEASE get in touch if you can’t make it and just not show up or bother. That’s not cool.

The THEMED nights are all fancy dress based to add to the celebration and pretty sure you will have something in the wardrobe that will make you fit in to the theme night.

FRIDAY 6th MAY - SOFT METAL THEMED NIGHT with GORDONS ALIVE playing some classic metal from the likes of Judas Priest, EVH, Deep Purple, Lizzy, Kiss etc etc. Nothing too heavy.

DIRECT TICKET LINK - http://skiddle.com/e/36005621

SATURDAY 7th MAY - WAITING LIST for 80’s ROCK THEME NIGHT with TOO LATE TO ATONE playing a massive selection of big hitters from this decade.

DIRECT TICKET LINK - http://skiddle.com/e/36005622